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  • Sept 23: Andrew Hamilton (U. Colorado)
    Prospects for cosmological parameters from the nonlinear power spectrum
  • Sept 30: Nikhil Padmanabhan (Princeton)
    From Megaparsecs to Gigaparsecs: The Clustering of Photometric Red Galaxies in the SDSS
  • Oct 7: Sandra Faber (UC Santa Cruz)
    The Evolution of Galaxies Since z ~ 1: Results from DEEP2 and Other Distant Surveys
  • Oct 14: Jeff McMahon (Princeton)
    Review of `Neutrino Astrophysics in the Cold: Amanda, Bikal, and IceCube'
    David Nice (Princeton)
    Arecibo discovery of a very young, highly relativistic binary pulsar
  • Oct 21: Toby Marriage (Princeton)
    Low Temperature Detectors
  • Oct 28: Annika Peter(Princeton)
    A Tutorial in Orbit Integration Methods
    Janice Hester (Princeton)
    Review of `The Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment'
  • Nov 4: Arthur Lue (U. Texas, San Antonio)
    Leakage into Extra Dimensions and Cosmic Acceleration
  • Nov 11: Michael Peskin (SLAC)
    A Particle Physicist Looks at Dark Matter
  • Nov 18: Latham Boyle (Princeton)
    Probing the Early Universe with Inflationary Gravitational Waves
  • Dec 2: Judy Lau (Princeton)
    Ornithological Navigation: Why Birds are the Best Astronomers
  • Amol Upadhye (Princeton)
    Self-Interacting Scalar Fields and Small-Scale Gravity
  • Dec 9: Paul McFadden (Cambridge)
    Solution of a Braneworld Big Crunch/Big Bang Cosmology


  • Jan 13: Adam Hincks (Princeton)
    Liquid Mirror Telescopes: Technology and Applications
    Michael Niemack (Princeton)
    First Light with CCam! (the prototype instrument for ACT)
  • Jan 20: Dan Wesley (Princeton)
    String Pair Production in a Time-Dependent Gravitational Field
    Rachel Mandelbaum (Princeton)
    Cosmic shear and intrinsic alignments: current status, future prospects
  • Jan 27: Liam McAllister (Princeton)
    N-flation and its observational predictions
  • Feb 17: Chao-Lin Kuo (Caltech/JPL)
    Searching for gravitational waves with B-mode polarization
  • Feb 24: Rolando Dunner (Princeton)
    The limits of Island Universes: Fate of the Shapley Supercluster
  • Mar 3: Sylvia Smullin (Princeton)
    A Test of Newtonian Gravity at the 20 Micron Length Scale
  • Mar 10: Clifford Will (Washington U., St. Louis)
    Gravitational Waves and the Death-Spiral of Compact Binaries
  • Mar 17: Mihail Amarie (Princeton)
    High-redshift 21 cm fluctuations within the halo model considering the Wouthuysen - Field coupling
    Lewis Hyatt (Princeton)
    Detecting tensor modes in the CMB
  • Mar 31: Richard Lieu (U. Alabama, Huntsville)
    Clusters of galaxies: the soft X-ray excess, plus a comparison between WMAP and ROSAT+XMM on the SZ effect among 31 systems; CMB statistical gravitational lensing: proving the mean magnification theorem, and the size variance of the primary anisotropies
  • Apr 7: Beth Reid (Princeton)
    The thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in models of the intracluster medium
  • Apr 14: Tom Murphy (UCSD)
    Shooting the Moon: Getting Serious about Gravity
  • Apr 21: Eric Switzer (Princeton)
    Corrections to cosmological recombination
    Glen Nixon (Princeton)
    Discussion of a recent paper by E. Reinhold et al.
  • Apr 28: David Hogg (NYU, CCPP)
    Galaxies and galaxy merging in last billion years
  • May 5: Eric Linder (UC Berkeley/LBL)
    Seeing the Nature of the Accelerating Physics
  • May 19: Frans Pretorius (U. Alberta)
    Simulation of Binary Black Hole Mergers
  • May 26: HongSheng Zhao (U. St. Andrews)
    Extending TEVES from z=0 to z=10^10
  • Jun 9: Daniel Baumann (Princeton)
    Inflation in String Theory