Christopher Herzog
Physics Department
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08540
Office Hours: Tuesday 2--4 pm, 87 Prospect, room 216

Much of my research has been devoted to studying AdS/CFT Correspondence and more generally gauge/gravity dualities. I would like to find a way of understanding strongly interacting field theories, for example QCD at low energy, using string theory. Take a look at my publications for more details. Or you might want to listen to some of my online talks. There's Chaos and KS, The Conifold and Beyond, del Pezzo, Markov, Seiberg, Impure AdS/CFT, and Holographic Superconductors.

I'm an assistant professor in the high energy theory group here at Princeton. I was a postdoc at the University of Washington in Seattle and before that at the KITP in Santa Barbara. I received my Ph.D from Princeton in 2002, where my advisor was Igor Klebanov.

Construction Sites:

Exceptional Collections Page

Quark Damping Page

Numerical metrics on dP3

Holographic superconductors

My Classes:

Physics 105, fall 2007

Physics 305, fall 2008

Physics 305, fall 2009

Physics 403, spring 2011

A Fun Event:

Staged Readings of the winning entries of the 2010-11 Princeton Science Playwriting Contest

I've moved to the YITP at Stony Brook University!